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Get Ready to Boost Your Social Competence
This session is perfect for: 
Graduates entering the workforce
Workplace supervisors or managers who need to set an example for others
Employees transitioning to leadership positions
Human resources and/or workplace trainers looking for new training tools

Topics covered include: 
What is civility and why should I care about it? 
Behaviors that are respected and respected in business settings
Successful networking and dining etiquette skills that will get you noticed 
How to present credibility and confidence through your professional image
The nuances of effective communication: technology, diversity, and office politics 

You will leave the session being better able to: 
Be “etiquette-wise” and avoid social and business faux pas that can cost you your reputation
Exhibit high personal standards and lead by example 
Navigate sticky situations related to rudeness and incivility in the workplace
Feel confident in a variety of business and social settings 
Leverage your social savvy and be more socially competent 

Why Should You Care About Social Skills?

According to research by the Nielson Group only 15% of our success is determined by hard skills (technical skills, your degree), while the remaining 85% of our success depends on soft skills. Soft skills are required to put technical knowledge to use, to work with others, and to get the job done. This means that if you are socially competent and can use this interpersonal intelligence on the job, you will make more MONEY. 
Still Not Convinced?
What if we offered you not ONE, not TWO but THREE more reasons to register...

All workshop attendees also receive the following BONUSES...

12 month access to the Civility Experts Online Learning Center 
with 75+ courses including business basics, civility and etiquette, business 
writing, supervisory and leadership skills, managing change, marketing 
and sales and much more. 

Complimentary copies of the Canadian Business Etiquette 
Series of e-books (3) written by Lew Bayer; Canada’s Leading Expert on 
Civility in the Workplace. 

You will get complimentary passes (3) to ongoing 
ICTC Webinars - guest experts presenting on a range of current hot topics 
including: assessing training needs, collaboration, building trust, NLP 
strategies for effective leadership, trends impacting modern business, tips 
for boosting your credibility through your image and much more. These 
sessions regularly cost $299-$599 each - and you get them all at no charge -
up to $1500.00 value. 
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 for ages 14-16"

2 day Executive Finishing School:
•Winnipeg, MB. Canada 
-Sept. 24 & 25
-Nov. 20 & 21 
-Nov. 20 & 21, 2015
-Jan. 15 & 16, 2016 

•Fort Worth, Texas, USA Oct. 16 & 17, 2015 

Unable to attend a live seminar? We've got you covered!
Choose the self-study certification option for just $299 and get started today!

Level 1 Certificate for Business Professionals© BUY IT NOW

The Executive Finishing School handbook including tip sheets, practice activities, sources and resource listing and more plus a copy of The Power of Civility e-book 
Bonus #1  12 month access to the Civility Experts Online Learning Center with 75+ courses including business basics, 
civility and etiquette, business writing, supervisory and leadership skills, managing change, marketing and sales and much more

Bonus #2  Complimentary copies of the Canadian Business Etiquette Series of e-books (3) written by Lew Bayer; Canada’s Leading Expert on Civility in the Workplace

Are you a Manager, HR Practitioner or workplace trainer who wants to be able to deliver your own Executive Finishing School, or maybe teach civility and respect in your workplace? 

Become a Certified Civility at Work© Trainer www.civilitytrainthetrainer.com  and deliver the Executive Finishing School curriculum onsite at YOUR workplace. 
Contact events@civilityexperts.com for more information. 
Find a civility speaker for your next event or PD day www.civilityspeakersbureau.com 
Get a personal impression management makeover www.highstyleimage.com

2-day Executive Finishing School Programs Run from 8:30am - 5:00pm each day.

Continental Breakfast and a 4 Course Luncheon Dining Tutorial Included

What You Will Receive At The Workshop:

  • Level 1 Certificate in Social Competence for Business Professionals©
  • All Training Materials
  • A Workshop Handbook Including Tip Sheets
  • Power of Civility e-Book
  • $50 Credit Voucher for Future Training Sessions with Civility Experts Worldwide
3 day Social Competence 
Certificate Program 
Winnipeg, MB, Canada 

​-Dec. 16, 17, & 18, 2015 

-Feb. 4, 5, 6, 2016